Free Dry Special - see our events section below for more details!

The newest laundromat in Eau Claire is open!


Our Machines

Our brand new Electrolux machines feature smartphone capability and are large enough to handle your biggest loads

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Smartphone Capabiltiy

The easy-to-use FasCard app acts as a digital loyalty card for you. You will be able to create an account, add value, manage loyalty cards, remotely check machine availability, request cycle completion notifications and even start a machine!


Loyalty Cards

Using quarters is so "yesterday". Purchase a loyalty card and add money with cash or credit card, then use your loyalty card to start the machines! Even better, joining our loyalty club makes you eligible for future offers and promotions!  

events and specials


FREE Dry Special! (see signage in store for complete details)

+ Event Details


FREE Dry Special! (see signage in store for complete details)

  • You must use washers #15-#20
  • You must use dryers #23-#32
  • Clothes must be washed using a loyalty card or phone app first to receive the free dry
  • Clothes must be dried within 2 hours of washing or the free dry will expire. 

Every Wednesday

Wash Wednesday

+ Event Details

Every Wednesday

Wash Wednesday

Only 10 cents  per pound to wash

  • 20 pound machines are only $2.00 (regular $2.50)
  • 45 pound machines are only $4.50 (regular $5.75)
  • 62 pound machines are only $6.25 (regular $7.75)
  • 77 pound machines are only $7.75 (regular $9.75)

Download the FasCard App

Get the FasCard App for iPhone


Get the FasCard App for Android/Google


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EC Super Wash

2625 North Clairemont Avenue, Eau Claire, WI, USA

(715) 598-1526


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